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A simple to use EPoS system

Cost effective solution that adapts to all of your main business needs

RMS-Register is a modern cost effective Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) software solution. The simple to use software runs on a variety of supported Android Point of Sale (POS) platforms, computers and tablets.

Reliable configuration that doesn't leave you scratching your head

To simplify things and take out any guess work, we created a set of hardware bundles inlcuding an integrated all in one platform, standalone devices and a mobile solution. Thanks to a partnership with Bluestar Leasing, we offer payment over time options as well as a standard outright purchase.

4 simple steps to Order

Configure RMS-Register in 4 Simple Steps

Every business owner is busy. RMS‑Register saves your precious time but we still know how difficult some choices can be. This is why we created this configurator to help you customise RMS-Register to mix and match and cater for all your business needs. Follow the 4 simple steps below and you will be able to easily identify what you require!
Once complete, fill out your details and our staff will contact you to discuss your tailored solution!

Get Started

Identify your Business Needs

What type of business are you running? Is it a restaurant, a barbers shop or perhaps a toy store? RMS-Register includes functionality for every business requirement, however we first need to know what those are.

Go ahead and confirm if you are a Retailer, in the Hospitality sector or the Health & Beauty trade and how many tills you require so that we can help you choose a perfect software and hardware bundle.

Select your primary business type:

Choose how many tills you require:

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How many locations do you have?

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Choose your Software Features

Step two is all about choosing which version of software that you require. RMS-Register Core contains a set of necessary features for every business. The Plus version provides you with extra functionality that may help with your everyday trade, for example table booking for a restaurant, an appointment calendar or even customer management.
For more information about this click here.

Pick the RMS-Register version:

Decide on a Hardware Bundle & Accessories

Now choose what system you would like to use your EPoS software on. You can have either an Integrated All-In-One solution with the screen and printer built in, a standalone bundle where you can get a tablet with a stand and a separate printer, or our innovative mobile bundle which lets you go totally mobile with a tablet and a portable wireless printer.

Select your main hardware:

Add any accesories you need:

Add any extra services

The last step to create your perfect bundle is to add any extras you may require. Would you be interested in our Software Support? Open 364 days per year, Monday - Saturday 8am - 8pm and Sunday 10 am - 5pm, our support team provides assistance with any problems you run into whilst using RMS-Register. We offer tailored installation and training based on your business requirements. Additionally, our Software Integrations can link with your accounting or ordering systems and we offer a great Customer Loyalty module.

Add any extras:

Ready to request a quote?

Simply make your selections in the 4 steps above! Still not sure? Then contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Contact us with any queries

Need further help?

Do you have any questions? Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your query!
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