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What is RMS-Register

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How RMS-Register Works

Step by step guide on how RMS-Register works
Restaurant Scenario

Below is a 5 step scenario of a customer journey using RMS-Register.


John phones the restaurant to make a table booking. Staff look up his favourite table on the CRM and book him in on the RMS-Register Calendar. John receives a confirmation text, followed by another text reminder of his booking two hours before.


After arriving at the restaurant, John goes to the bar. He orders a drink and a bar tab is opened for him on RMS-Register. One pint of beer is deducted from the stock level of the barrel.


John's friend Jim arrives and they go to the table. They both order a drink each, this gets added to John's bar tab. The bar tab gets moved to "Table 6" for John to be able to order the food.


The party orders their food at the table. The waiter uses an order taking device and saves it against "Table 6". The food order is printed on a kitchen printer (via RMS-Register) and prepared by the chef.


John and Jim finish their meal and ask to pay. The bill is £50, but John ordered more than Jim. John pays £35 and Jim pays £25 using split payment on RMS-Register. This also includes £10 gratuity they chose to give.

Pricing plans

Choose Your Plan

We offer various different plans that cover the needs of modern businesses. These plans can be paid either monthly or annually. We provide discounts for purchasing multiple years in advance.

We also offer support packages and hardware to compliment RMS‑Register.


Interested in our EPoS bundles? Wish to customise your purchase? If you need a printer, scanner or a complete EPoS system we can help you with that! We also offer 2 or 3 year packages. Click here to find out more about all of our pricing tiers!

Prices do not include VAT and/or any hardware devices. You need to have a compatible android device to be able to use the RMS‑Register software. Feel free to take advantage of our bundle configurator by clicking the button below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help throughout your journey!

We recommend you order a system at least 3-4 weeks before your requirement date as you will need to allow some time for setup, staff training and familiarisation, product creation, prices, stock levels, integrated card payment processing etc.

Depending on your requirements, the RMS‑Register hardware with the licensed software installed is usually shipped out to you within 1-2 working days of purchase. This is completed as next day delivery within mainland UK (subject to stock levels and Shipping Policy).

RMS‑Register hardware systems have been carefully chosen from leading manufacturers for their quality and durability and are designed to give you years of trouble free usage. The hardware we select is covered by the manufacturers return-to-base warranty as a minimum, which is normally 3 years. Please check the hardware datasheet that matches the product and speak to us if you have any queries.

In the unlikely event that something does break down due to manufacturing defect or operating failure, it will be repaired or replaced under warranty. However, physical damage, unauthorised tampering, misuse and liquid damage is not covered. After the warranty period or for non-warranty issues, equipment can still be replaced or repaired subject to standard parts and labour charge and any shipping or call-out charges. The standard warranty is a Return to Base warranty where equipment diagnosed as faulty will need to be returned to our UK service location by you on receipt of a Returns Authorisation Number. We will cover the cost of returning repaired / replaced equipment to you in the UK. Outside the UK, you will need to pay the shipping costs for return of equipment too.

Typically warranty repairs can take up to 5 working days for turnaround. On-site Warranty Service or a 48-hour Swap Out Service is optionally available. You are responsible for backup of your data on a daily basis to reliable media and to test the backup frequently. Data recovery or re-programming is not covered under the warranty so it is essential you backup your data and the programs to avoid incurring service charges. The data backup procedure is covered in detail within the extensive user manual that can be provided with every product.

RMS‑Register currently supports the following Integrated Payment Solutions. Whilst we are focused on providing the best solution possible, we may not integrate with every device and payment solution on the market. If you have an opportunity that requires a particular integration or have a great solution we are not aware of then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Verifone Payment as a Service (Ocius)
  • Paytrans
  • Payworks
  • Optomany
  • Anderson Zaks RedCard
  • Eezee Pay
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